Electronics & Analog Filter Design Laboratory Work

Course Code: EEEG 220

Credit Hours: 1

Course Description: This course reinforces the concepts learned in Electronics Engineering II theory classes that have a strong practical applications emphasis, by a series of relevant experiments carried out in the laboratory.

Course Contents:

A series of experiments to reinforce the subject matter taught in ‘EEEG214: Electronics Engineering II’ in the second year second semester are to be carried out. Also a series of experiments related to analog filter design and testing to introduce the concept of electronic circuit design is to be done. The followings could be the experiments to be carried out:

1. Filter Design Lab Lower Spectrum

2. LC Filter Higher Spectrum

3.  H Feedback

4. Oscillator

5. Schmitt Trigger and Astable Multivibrator

6. Sawtooth Wave Generator Monostable Multivibrator Chip Implementation

7. Astable Multivibrator Chip Implementation

8. Log Antilog Amplifiers

9. PLL

10. Precision Rectifier

11. BJT Inverter & DTL Gates